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College of Business

Ranson Chiu
1992 BA Quantitative Analysis for Business
Ranson celebrated the first anniversary of his company, Synergy Computers & Communications Limited. He has also been helping to develop the Alumni Association of the Department of Management Sciences and was delighted to attend the inauguration of its new Executive Committee in December 2018.
Andrew Fan
1988 BA (Hons) Business Studies
Andrew has started a fresh endeavour as Co-Chairman and Chief Dream Officer at Bonjour Lifestyle Company Limited. According to Andrew, self-reflection is always good for personal development. That's why he often returns to CityU to share life tips with students.
Lynn Hsu
2013 BBA Accountancy & Management Information Systems
Lynn transferred to Fubon P&C Insurance Co. Limited in Xiamen in March 2018 as Deputy Manager of the Asset Management Department. This allows her to closely interact with the mainland financial market.
Tony Kwok
1994 MBA
Tony, formerly Deputy Commissioner and Head of Operations of the ICAC, has published a book reflecting on his 27 years with the organisation and 14 years as an international anti-corruption specialist along with insightful analysis of current issues in Hong Kong.
Ivan Lee
2010 MBA
Ivan has become the first Certified Water Sommelier in Hong Kong. In addition, he has founded Aqua House to provide a variety of high-quality natural mineral water to the Hong Kong community, as well as assist them to build a healthy lifestyle and contribute to environmental protection.
Vanessa Li
2018 MSc Finance
Vanessa started her first job as an analyst at Morgan Stanley. Her motto is: “Give yourself a chance as you never know how far you can go.”
Will Ma
1990 BA (Hons) Business Studies
Will has taken up the post of Head of the Learning Commons at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), a challenging but satisfying role.
Henry Poon
2009 BBA (Hons) Finance
Henry recently became a merchandiser at Apollo-Link HK Limited, an Italian-based digital products trading company, serving mainly European and American markets.
Chitra Sivakumar
2017 PhD Information Systems
Chitra's thesis on the innovative behaviour of undergraduates during their exchange experience has led to a start-up, Aham Solutions (HK) Limited, under the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation's Incu-App Programme.
Richard Tse
1994 PgD Professional Accounting
Richard launched his management consultancy, Allied Rich Asia Limited, in August 2018. Congrats!
Leroy Yue
1988 BA (Hons) Business Studies
After two years' hard work, Leroy's (left) PikaPage start-up is now providing entry and real-time results services for sports associations in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. CityU also used the PikaPage app in its 2018 Athletics Meet (Track & Field).
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