6 Sep 2019  

Mr Adam Lau (劉港城), our graduate of BBA (Hons) China Business, is Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of  HEYCOINS. The startup transforms physical coins into e-value, vouchers, donation, etc. He shares how he turns his entrepreneurship dream into reality that helps the city to speed up its fintech development. Read More>>

Share your latest news, personal milestones and social contribution with us on Class Notes to be published in City AlumNet 2020. Once your news is selected for publication, a souvenir will be presented to you as a token of our appreciation! Click Here>>

Notebook Ownership Programme 2019 for CityU Alumni. Read More>>

Mid-Autumn Celebration Dinner @ Singapore (21 Sep 2019) organised by alumni associations of Hong Kong universities in Singapore. Read More>>
Convo's Poll - Are you aware that alumni can update their contacts via AIMS even after graduation?
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