20 Dec 2019  
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BBA graduate Ms Sharon Lam (林翠君) is a professional organising consultant. She founded Home Therapy to help household and corporate clients to tidy up their homes and offices. She says the benefits of decluttering go beyond a tidier space. It also helps people to restore a sense of calm and enhance work efficiency. Read More>>

CityU squash team won the men’s overall championship in the elite group of the 3rd All China University Squash Competition and 2 team members also won the championship and 1st runner-up respectively in the men’s singles. Read More>>

“My memorable exchange programme in Hokkaido during my study in CityU inspired me to pursue an international career. My current company is an international company providing opportunities for talents to develop their global vision, where I am happy to facilitate their growth.”
Angel Kwok, Corporate Human Resources Director, Hop Lun
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