8 April 2022 

Researchers at CityU received tremendous accolades at Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days (IGED) 2022 by winning a total of 22 awards, the highest number among local institutions for two years in a row. Their success keenly demonstrates CityU’s world-class faculty and their contributions in outstanding research achievements. Click Here>>

New episodes are released under the series "Beyond Boundaries: Dialogue with Presidents of World’s Leading Educational Institutions”, hosted by President Way Kuo. He discusses contemporary education issues and challenges from a global perspective with educational experts from top institutions in South Africa, India, Germany, Japan and mainland China who have visited CityU. Watch Now>>

MSocSc Counselling and BA Social Work graduate Ms Fion Li was presented the Outstanding Social Worker Award 2021-2022 by Hong Kong Social Workers Association. She is committed to helping psychotropic substance abusers through counselling services with a focus on early intervention. Learn More >>

The Talent and Education Development Office invited BEng Electronic and Communication Engineering graduate Dr Chen Jiashu to share his insightful tips for HK Tech Tiger students in a webinar on 17 March. He shared his bumpy journey from an engineering graduate to a successful entrepreneur of pure CMOS-based millimeter-wave radar chips for intelligent driving systems. Watch Now>>

Part 2 of the University Anthem is released, with the brand new, inspirational lyrics written by President Way Kuo. Themed “Worldliness”, it encapsulates the University’s aspirations to integrate teaching and research, and our determination to stay focused on education. Click Here>>

Studies have raised concerns on the relationship between source of food and issues in local traditions, globalisation and environmental sustainability. Department of Asian and International Studies (AIS) will organise a seminar via ZOOM on 13 April, which will guide audiences to innovative thinking about future food scenarios and especially on a more sustainable food system. Register Now>>

In the latest talk of the President’ Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia titled “Transition-metal phosphors and corresponding organic light emitting diodes”, Professor Chi Yun talked about the effect of two emitters,  namely true-blue and near infrared (NIR) emitters, on the development of related transition-metal based phosphors and organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) devices. Watch Now>>

The submission deadline of “City Literary Awards 2022 organised by the Department of Chinese and History, is now extended until 1 June 2022. The awards aim to enhance creative writing standard of the younger generation in Hong Kong. More Details>>

JobNet features a list of job vacancies for CityU alumni. Welcome to explore the exciting opportunities. Click Here>>

Special offer at the physical / online stores of CityU Vet Boutique: Learn More>>

Special discounts for CityU Press publications:
- 專業法律叢書
- 走進大專院校圖書館 — 圖書館員視覺下的大中華區高等教育

Alumni can now enjoy 5 TB of free storage space to store and share files/folders online under OneDrive for Business (Cloud Storage). With all your files/folders in the cloud, it is easy to access from anywhere outside of the university network on any device with a web browser or an app. Learn More>>

Update on alumni campus access.

The upgraded smart Alumni Card with embedded chip is the sole identity proof for campus access starting from 1 January 2021. Alumni Cards issued before October 2020 are obsolete. Click Here>> 
Are you aware that CityU has recently organised the inaugural University Day (U-Day) 2022 in March, which included CityU Homecoming 2022 as its first celebratory event, together with the introduction of a new University Mascot, a fresh version of the University Anthem, and the launch of “Beyond Boundaries: Dialogue with Presidents of World’s Leading Educational Institutions” video series?
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