6 May 2022 

New episodes are released under the video series "Beyond Boundaries: Dialogue with Presidents of World’s Leading Educational Institutions”, in which President Way Kuo discusses contemporary education issues and challenges from a global perspective with educational experts from top institutions in South Africa, India, Germany, Japan and mainland China who have visited CityU. Watch Now>>

The first batch of local start-ups to receive investment funding under the HK Tech 300 Angel Fund from CityU was announced. 49 start-ups have been selected to receive up to HK$1 million each. Among the awarded teams attending the ceremony include ITsci Company Limited founded by alumna Ms Cherry Chan. Using the fund, her company will develop an AI solution for rapidly identifying animal tumour cells. Read More>>

Read the latest “From the President's Desk” newsletter, to know more about the fresh chapter of CityU, featuring the latest initiatives of the University, such as the first University Day (U-Day), the University Mascot and the release of our University Anthem Part 2 titled “Knowledge and Wisdom”. Read More>>

The College of Business has announced the results of the CB Distinguished Alumni Award, which recognises the outstanding achievements and contributions of CB alumni to their professions, the University and society. The three awardees in 2022 are Mr Sunny Kok, Dr Rajeev Chib and Dr Stan Ho. Read More>>

BBA Accountancy 2019 graduate Ms Dale Wang is now working as a software developer at TikTok’s San Francisco Office. In her story, she shares how she transformed from a business student to a backend software engineer, her work life at TikTok, as well as tips on job hunting as a fresh graduate. Learn More>>

Dr Brian Li (李耀祥) fulfilled his quest for theory-based corporate management knowledge through his DBA study at CityU. He is currently Vice Chairman & Executive Vice President of Gold Peak Technology Group Limited, with over 35 years of experience in the electronic engineering and manufacturing industry. Read More>>

HK Tech 300 is now open for Seed Fund and Angel Fund application. It leads to HK$100,000 and HK$1,000,000 funding sources and other support from the University for alumni developing startups. To sign up and Learn More>>

The exhibition “A Glimpse of Tang Prosperity from Murals – The Exhibition Tour on Murals of the Tang Dynasty” presented by CityU Indra and Harry Banga Gallery is now open until 12 June. These beautiful digital murals allow viewers to return to the golden age of the Tang Dynasty. Virtual exhibition is also available online. Register Now>>

Alumni can now enjoy 5 TB of free storage space to store and share files/folders online under OneDrive for Business (Cloud Storage). With all your files/folders in the cloud, it is easy to access from anywhere outside of the university network on any device with a web browser or an app. Learn More>>

Update on alumni campus access.

The upgraded smart Alumni Card with embedded chip is the sole identity proof for campus access starting from 1 January 2021. Alumni Cards issued before October 2020 are obsolete. Click Here>> 
Do you know that 49 local start-ups, specialising in bio and health technology, deep tech, IT and AI, fintech and other areas, have been recently selected to receive investment funding up to HK$1 million each under the HK Tech 300 Angel Fund from CityU?
Research co-led by CityU boosts efficiency of perovskite solar cells to record high
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