Alumni Insights Like father, like son     – An interview with alumni Mr James Liu and Mr Jeff Liu

Mr James Liu and his eldest son, Jeff, are graduates of CityU’s Executive Master of Business Administration. James, a successful entrepreneur, picked the programme in 1999 because its focus on China business could facilitate his work in the Mainland. Jeff followed in his father’s footsteps and joined in 2000. Both recalled the programme’s intensive 10-day “residential trip” in Dalian as the most challenging experience. To tackle the tough task, James recalled sharing his tips on time management with Jeff.

The father and son are like mentor and friend. James is Managing Director of Action Win Industries Ltd., Mars Securities Co. Ltd. and Hanbo Enterprises Holdings Ltd., involving securities, property investment, and apparel supply chain management, among others. Jeff is responsible for the investment business and is now Director of Action Win Industries and Mars Securities. He said he learnt to balance risk and management from his father.

The Liu family moved to San Francisco in 1983. James led a tough “astronaut” life back then, working in Hong Kong and periodically flying home. “It’s a regret that I didn’t spend enough time with my children,” he said. “I must thank my wife for taking care of them.” Despite the distance, James strove to fulfil his role as a loving father. “I taught my kids to be honest, respect their elders, adhere to the principles of loyalty, filial piety, humanity, love, courtesy, righteousness, and integrity, develop a sense of shame, and to be grateful.”

Jeff has adopted his father’s caring philosophy. “Family is everything,” he said. “Dad looked after my mother when she was sick. He comforted me and my younger brother and sister when our mother passed away. His love and care is really important to us.” Now, when they have time, they love to travel together. Jeff also takes his children to “yum cha” with James.

As a dedicated supporter of CityU, James has made generous donations for scholarships and other University projects. He serves as a Court Member, Honorary Vice-President and Member of the Board of Governors for CityU Foundation. He is also a founding life member of senior alumni group Eminence Society and Adjunct Professor of the College of Business. Like his father, Jeff is a life member of the Eminence Society and has also supported the University’s entrepreneurship scheme. Showing their support for University development, both have encouraged their fellow alumni to share their experience with students and participate in Alumni Relations Office activities to foster a sense of unity.


校友訪問 – 廖英賢先生與廖頌芹先生