Alumni Insights A family where education begins at home     – An interview with alumni Mr Benjamin Kwok and Ms Lorinda Kwok

Distinguished entrepreneur Mr Benjamin Kwok is a CityU Executive Master of Business Administration (2007) graduate while his daughter Lorinda is a MSc graduate (2010) in Accounting and Corporate Governance. Benjamin, Managing Director of Kwonnie Electrical Products Ltd., said that studying at CityU had made him realise the great value of life-long learning, and had helped him develop his own business. And Lorinda was happy that she took her father’s advice to study at CityU, finding the real-life case studies particularly useful.

Benjamin has played an influential role in his children’s lives from an early age. Viewing language skills as a key to developing global vision, he encouraged his children to become multilingual. He also emphasises the importance of teaching his children self-discipline. Now his eldest and second daughters work in his company, and third daughter Lorinda assists her husband’s business. Family-oriented Benjamin, who hails from a Chiuchow background, still organises gatherings for his immediate family every Sunday, and a once-monthly breakfast meeting for Kwok members, in which they share their views and experiences in daily life.

As President Honoris Causa of the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council, Honorary President of the Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association, and Secretary General of the Hong Kong Young Industrialists Council Foundation, Benjamin emphasises a leading industry position, innovation and cost control as the keys to business success. He insists there is no sunset industry in Hong Kong, only sunset management! Kwonnie’s own corporate culture is people-oriented. “Entrepreneurs should share the fruits of their success with employees,” Benjamin said. Lorinda follows her father’s philosophy of diligence, perseverance and credibility. “I learn from my dad,” she said. “Competitiveness and a team spirit are needed both in business and at home.”

Benjamin, a dedicated supporter of CityU, is a Court member, Honorary Vice-President and member of the Alumni Advancement Committee of CityU Foundation. He is a founding member of the senior alumni group Eminence Society, and has set up an internship scholarship for science and engineering students to add to their competitiveness. He also serves as a Departmental Advisory Committee member. In turn, Lorinda encourages students and young alumni’s know-how by attending talks by senior alumni and learning from their experience.

     – 校友訪問 -郭燦耀先生與郭靜怡小姐

郭燦耀先生(Benjamin)是城大行政人員工商管理碩士(2007),他說修讀城大這一課程,啟迪他終身學習,亦大大幫助他了解公司的業務。女兒郭靜怡小姐 (Lorinda) 聽從父親的建議,修讀城大專業會計與企業管治理學碩士(2010)。她十分認同城大的教學方式,尤其欣賞教授充份使用實例與學生討論,讓他們學會以靈活的眼光分析企業的問題。