• Introduction

    In 2009, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) launched the biennial Distinguished Alumni Award (the Award) to recognise and publicly honour outstanding alumni who had demonstrated remarkable personal achievements and significant contributions to their profession/career, the University and the community.
  • Nomination

    Nominations of the Award for 2017 are invited from now until 7 August 2017. All nomination forms must be submitted to the Alumni Relations Office of CityU on or before 7 August 2017 (postmark no later than 7 August 2017).

    Nomination form can be downloaded at www.cityu.edu.hk/aro/daa/nomination_form.pdf or obtained from CityU campus: Alumni Relations Office, Human Resources Office, Run Run Shaw Library and University Bookshop.

    Eligibility of Nominee

    The nominee for the Award must be a graduate of CityU (or its forerunner City Polytechnic of Hong Kong) who has successfully completed a full-time or part-time programme and attained an academic award accredited by CityU.

    Eligibility of Proposer

    Each nomination shall be proposed by:
    1. a bona fide graduate of CityU; or
    2. a current full-time staff member of CityU; or
    3. a current Council Member or Court Member of CityU; or
    4. an Honorary Graduate or Honorary Fellow of CityU.

    Each proposer can submit more than one nomination. However, the proposer can neither be the nominee himself/herself nor be a member of the Panel of Judges.

  • Selection Procedures and Criteria

    Selection Procedures

    1. The Selection Consultant will examine the nominations and make recommendation to the Panel of Judges for final assessment.
    2. Shortlisted candidates may be requested to attend an interview. The University may contact them direct.
    3. The University may request verification of the information provided.
    4. Consent of the selected nominees will be obtained before finalising the list of award recipients.
    5. Information of the award recipients will be kept confidential until the announcement of the selection results is made by the University.

    Selection Criteria

    The major selection criteria include:
    1. the nominee’s personal achievements and contributions to his/her profession/career;
    2. the nominee’s contributions to CityU; and
    3. the nominee’s contributions to the community.

    1. The proposer is required to provide sufficient and accurate information for the nomination.
    2. The decision made by the Panel of Judges shall be final and binding.
    3. Reason(s) for granting or not granting the Award to a nominee will not be released by CityU.
    4. After the Award is granted, it may be withdrawn at the absolute discretion of CityU when it is deemed appropriate.
    5. CityU reserves all rights to modify the arrangements, rules and criteria of the Award when it is deemed appropriate.

  • Panel of Judges and Selection Consultant

    Panel of Judges

    Panel Chairman

    Dr CHUNG Shui-ming, GBS, JP
        Pro-Chancellor, City University of Hong Kong

    Panel Members (in alphabetical order of English surnames)

    Mr CHAN Ka-kui, BBS, JP
        Chairman, Construction Industry Council
        Recipient of the 4th Distinguished Alumni Award,
        City University of Hong Kong

    Miss Lily CHOW
        Executive Director, Chevalier Group

    Dr David HARILELA
        CEO, Harilela (George) Limited

    Professor Way KUO
        President and University Distinguished Professor,
        City University of Hong Kong

    Professor Matthew LEE Kwok-on
        Vice-President (Development and External Relations),
        City University of Hong Kong

    Selection Consultant


  • Recipient of 5th Distinguished Alumni Award

    Presentation Ceremony
    Media Coverage
  • Recognition for Award Recipients and Proposers

    Each award recipient will receive a “Distinguished Alumni Award” trophy and his/her achievements and contributions will be publicly honoured. The proposer of each award recipient will receive a souvenir in recognition of his/her nomination.
  • Enquiry

    Enquiries can be made at Alumni Relations Office which is the organising unit for the Award.

    Alumni Relations Office, City University of Hong Kong
    Address: Room 11-221, 11/F
    Lau Ming Wai Academic Building
    City University of Hong Kong
    Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Tel: (852) 3442 6132
    Email: aro@cityu.edu.hk