Alumni Relations Office

Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the CityU alumni family! To celebrate your achievement, the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) and CityU Convocation have prepared a series of Celebration Widgets for you to share the joy with your friends and loved ones. Please check out the affinity programmes and services for CityU alumni HERE.

Personalised Graduation E-Card (by ARO)

This is the right time for you to express your gratitude to those who have supported you throughout your learning journey in CityU by sending them a personalised e-card! You may send your greetings to your professors, teachers and classmates who have spent unforgettable moments with you, or your dear family members and friends. Selected e-cards* will be uploaded to our website to share your joy with the CityU community.

*Terms applied:

  1. Please avoid copyright infringement for your messages and/or selected images in your e-cards.
  2. E-cards / greeting cards irrelevant to the theme of graduation may not be posted or uploaded.
  3. In case of any disputes, the decision of ARO shall be final.

AR Photo Filters (by ARO & CityU Convocation)

Please click the filter icons below to open the Facebook Camera app. You can select the 360° virtual background image(s) of CityU campus (filter 1) or cartoon stickers of your College/School (filter 2), and share your photo via Facebook.

Filter 1 (Selecting your favourite background image of CityU campus)

Filter 2 (Selecting the cartoon sticker of your College / School)

WhatsApp/Signal Stickers by CityU Convocation

To celebrate your graduation, a series of cartoon stickers have been created with the support of CityU Convocation. You may use these stickers to share your happiness about joining the CityU alumni family with your friends!

Please visit HERE to download the WhatsApp / Signal stickers to your mobile device. You can also right-click mouse to download the stickers:

Graduation Gift Campaign (by ARO)

ARO invites you to make a special gift for your Alma Mater to support her future development. Your donation will enable the University to excel in research, enrich students’ learning experiences and provide world-class facilities.

A unique certificate holder with personalised name plate will be exclusively offered to Class of 2023 with donation of HK$380 by 31 May 2023. To participate and get your own holder, please click HERE for more details.