Rabia Aslam

2021 BEng Biomedical Engineering

As a Pakistan-born student in Hong Kong, Rabia had to strive to overcome language barriers to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Since graduating from CityU in 2021, Rabia has been working as a Research Assistant at Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited while also pursuing a master’s degree in Biotechnology.

Chordio Chan

2019 Doctor of Business Administration

As Head of Investment Management at the Bank of China (Hong Kong), Chordio oversees the bank’s investments in bonds and the money market. He also led the Interbank Offered Rate (IBOR) transition project in both the bank and the Hong Kong banking industry, as the co-chair of the Treasury Markets Association (TMA)’s Working Group on Alternative Reference Rate (WGARR). In the past few years, Chordio has actively promoted the adoption of the Alternative Reference Rate at international meetings and conferences. In September 2021, he shared his views on global economies and various banking issues at the TMA annual summit.

Mac Chan

2016 LLM Intellectual Property and Technology Law

Mac is a practising solicitor, an accredited general and family mediator, and a parenting coordinator in Hong Kong. Over the years, he has devoted himself to education, youth development, and helping the vulnerable in society, serving on various advisory and statutory bodies as well as government committees on matters related to juvenile development, education, and housing. In July 2021, Mac was awarded the Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service.

Gap Chung

2009 BSc Architectural Studies

Gap has joined the Hong Kong government’s Highways Department as a Landscape Architect, where he is responsible for planning, design, implementation and maintenance of landscape work on SIMAR slopes. In addition, he provides professional advice on landscape development to other government agencies, and is pursuing a master’s degree in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry.

Spencer Fung

2002 MPhil Electronic Engineering
1999 BSc (Hons) Information Technology

Spencer founded Optix Solutions Limited, an AI enterprise solutions firm, in 2010. He has dedicated his career in the AI R&D business to solving planning, scheduling and optimisation problems, and natural language processing (NLP). As one of the pioneers of AI solution-building in Hong Kong, he has been recognised with numerous awards. The greatest lesson he has learnt from his entrepreneurial journey is that no matter how smart you are, it is teamwork that gets things done. “Be humble and don’t be overconfident!” he said.

Charles Guo

2019 LLM Common Law

Charles has been seconded to the International Cooperation Department of the Supreme People’s Court since May 2021. He was deeply involved in the organisation and planning of the World Judicial Conference on Environment and has assisted with various other forums that have enhanced China’s judicial influence internationally. His co-authored book, The Legal System of the World Emporium in Song-Yuan China: A Perspective of Quanzhou, was published in September 2021.

Johnny Hui

1997 BSc Building

As the TV host of the trending talent show 《全民造星》(Good Night Show), Johnny’s popularity as an artiste (強尼) has rocketed among audiences in Hong Kong. He is now known as an all-round entertainer, with appearances as a host, singer, actor, commentator, and more.

Gary Hung

2021 Doctor of Business Administration
2016 Executive MBA

After five years’ study, Gary received his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree in 2021. His DBA thesis focuses on the correlation of dual-class share ownership structure and earning management. It is the first research to undertake a dual-class evaluation of Chinese companies. As such, it is expected to enhance understanding of current and future business activities.

Nancy Kan

1994 BA (Hons) Teaching English as a Second Language

Veteran DJ and actress Wing Han (蘭茜) held her first calligraphy and painting exhibition from 17-20 November 2021 at Hong Kong Cultural Centre to share her work with friends and the public.

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Benjamin Kwok

2007 Executive MBA

Like father, like daughter! Benjamin’s daughter Louisa was presented with the Young Industrialist Award by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries in 2021. The award recognised her active participation in the field of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, as well as her outstanding achievements in R&D investment and business strategies with a global vision. Benjamin received the same award in 1997.

SK Lee

2002 MSc Banking
1996 BA (Hons) Public and Social Administration

SK Lee is currently serving as the Chief Compliance Officer at RD Group, focusing on technology innovation in e-payment and electronic Customer Due Diligence (eCDD). During Hong Kong FinTech Week in November 2021, SK spoke at two sessions on regulatory technology development and anti-money laundering (AML). The Group also announced its electronic Customer Information Repository (eCIR) solution at FinTech Week, receiving positive support from attendees.

Felix Mak

2012 MSc Environmental Science and Technology with Environmental Health and Food Safety

Felix has received the InkluVision Award in Colours of Humanity Art Prize 2022 for his artwork titled "The World is Colourful", which advocated the inclusion of visually impaired people. Kudos!

Derek Sham

2017 BBA (Hons) Information Management and Accountancy

Derek (right) has received the Merit Award in the Banking and Finance (Management) Sector of the Cyber Security Professionals Awards 2021 in recognition of his achievements in increasing cybersecurity capabilities at Livi Bank. Derek, a founding member of the bank, played a key role in its virtual bank licence application and development of technology risk management controls.

Warren Wang

1991 BSc (Hons) Computer Studies
1987 PD Computer Studies

Warren, a member of the CityU Delegation in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon since 2013, joined the Berlin Marathon in September 2021. His family cheered him on throughout the race.

Yinfei Wang

2014 BBA (Hons) Accountancy

Yinfei is the founder and CEO of Evergreen International Consultancy Limited, set up in 2019. The company’s Evergreen Education「港雋留學」brand is dedicated to facilitating mainland students who want to study in Hong Kong. In April 2021, Yinfei also established a subsidiary, JFD Hong Kong Limited, offering corporate solutions to local small and medium-sized enterprises keen to enter the mainland market.

Paula Yang

2002 MA Communication and New Media
1996 BA (Hons) Business Studies

Paula passed the J.S.A. Sake Diploma International last year, which is one of the highest qualifications in sake certified by Japan Sommelier Association (日本ソムリエ協会). She has also started her own Sakelogue Instagram in 2021 and Youtube Channel in 2022. Let’s share her joy. Cheers!