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John Chan

2007 BBA (Hons) Business Economics

John is Founder and Managing Director of Reitar Logtech Group, which offers comprehensive logistics solutions to clients. Reitar is currently in the process of constructing Comboxx, the largest automated logistics warehouse in Hong Kong, spanning approximately 300,000 square feet in Yuen Long. Reitar is also planning to expand its business in mainland China and Southeast Asia, with John and his team visiting Bangkok in November 2022 to explore investment and collaborative opportunities. In recognition of his contributions to the industry, John recently received the accolade of Outstanding Leader - Listed Companies at the Forbes China Outstanding Enterprises Awards 2022.

Kelvin Chan

2012 BA (Hons) Digital Media Broadcasting

Well done to film director and actor Kevin, who won Best New Director at the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards 2022 for Hand Rolled Cigarette (手捲煙). He also starred as the male lead in romantic comedy Say I Do To Me (1人婚禮), released in January 2023.

Danny Fok

1996 BA (Hons) Business Studies

Music lover Danny, now stationed in Singapore, teamed up with renowned lyricist and Applied Linguistics graduate Ms Sandy Chang last year to write the lyrics for the soundtrack〈好想約你〉, which was used in an advertising campaign. The heart-warming song, performed by pop singer Gigi Yim (炎明熹), centres on emotional ties in our daily lives, such as family bonds, romance, and friendship.

Kwok Siu-ming & Dora Tam

1987 Diploma in Social Work

Greetings from Siu-ming and his wife Dora, who first met when they became classmates studying social work at CityU decades ago. After graduation, Siu-ming served as a social worker in Hong Kong, specialising in juvenile rehabilitation, before taking further studies and subsequently settling in Canada. Now Professor and Academic Director at the School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Siu-ming also contributes to the sector’s accreditation, licensure, and social inclusion policies at the provincial and federal level as Council President of Alberta College of Social Workers and President of the Canadian Council of Social Work Regulators. Dora has served the social work education and research sector in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Canada for many years. She is a former Vice-President of the Canadian Association for Social Work Education, and is now a social work professor with the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary.

Adam Lee

2010 Executive MBA

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adam took a break to visit the UK, Japan, and Australia, which were among the first “mask-free” places in the world. While on his travels, he conducted market research to investigate changes following the pandemic. His conclusion? “Less is better than more. Live a simple life.”

Isaac Lee

2022 BBA Accountancy

After graduating from CityU, Isaac joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as an X-Venturer, which has given him the opportunity to gain experience in different departments. Apart from his accountancy work, he has taking up novel-writing, promoting his first book〈靈探〉at the Hong Kong Book Fair 2022.

Alvin Leung

2003 BBA (Hons) International Business (Japan Studies)

Alvin is a seasoned Asia-Pacific regional leadership expert with 17 years’ experience in a multinational human resources (HR) consultancy. Now, as Founder and Chief Consulting Officer of Shared Academy, he has embarked on a new journey. The Academy seeks to serve as a sustainable performance partner, utilising corporate training workshops and HR consulting projects to empower individuals and organisations to innovate and transform to achieve their goals and help society progress.

Roland Leung

2017 MA Quantitative Analysis for Business

As Founder and Managing Director of Datality Lab, Roland has successfully led his team of data and marketing scientists to develop AI communication and training platform, which helps students and professionals gain an effective communication training experience. Datality Lab is a recipient of CityU’s HK Tech 300 Angel Fund, with Roland serving as a mentor to 5th Cohort Seed Fund teams in August 2022. His company was also featured as a HK Tech 300 exhibitor at InnoCarnival 2022, organised by the Innovation and Technology Commission last October.

Jacky Ng

2017 Engineering Doctorate (Systems Engineering and Engineering Management)

Congratulations to Jacky, who has become the first Chinese Principal Engineer at FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited. In this role, Jacky is responsible for a portfolio of business innovation technologies and solutions. He also actively contributes to academic and public service. Such work includes serving as Chairman of the Internet Society Hong Kong, which strives to promote sustainable development of the industry.

Simon Ngai

1992 MBA

Simon’s daughter Tiffany got married on 26 February 2023, with the young couple’s new phase of life commencing with the blessings of their parents and friends.

Qi Pan

2012 MSc Business Information Systems

Following graduation, Qi's work on infrastructure projects took her to Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand. In 2018, she moved to Canada, where she became part of the founding team of Ubike Technologies North America, a trailblazer in North America’s shared micro-mobility sector. Currently, Qi runs a consulting business in Vancouver, helping small businesses grow effectively.

Henry Wong

2018 BA Social Work

Happy news from Henry, Chairman of CityU Social Work Alumni Association, and his wife, who with great joy welcomed firstborn son Pak Yui (柏睿) to their family in May 2022. Best wishes to all three!

Jacqueline Yiu

2020 MSocSc Counselling

Jacqueline is a counsellor in private practice, with a life goal to normalise psychotherapy. Following her graduation, Jacqueline and a counselling classmate cofounded Trialogue Counselling (Hong Kong) Limited. Separately, she has been counselling clients with a variety of issues. A full member of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association and an associate member of the Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association, she is a dedicated provider of psychoeducation to the public through free talks, seminars, and by hosting community discussions. She has also continued to advance her knowledge by studying different therapies and approaches.

Zhijin Zhong

2009 PhD Media and Communication

Zhijin is now Dean of the School of Journalism and Communication at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, while also serving as a doctoral supervisor, professor, and researcher. Despite her busy schedule as an administrator, she puts students’ needs first, offering support when they face challenges with their studies and nurturing their personal development to encourage them to give back to society after graduation.