Giving Back
Nurturing future talents
advancing CityU and society

Alumni are contributing to support University development and students through generous donations, setting up scholarships, and offering their expertise in diverse ways. Their support offers transformational value that enriches student experience.

CityU supporters

Mr Jason Chan
College of Business
Founder of Jason O. Chan Award for CityU English Debating Team

Joining CityU’s English Debating Team and becoming team captain were two of the proudest moments of my life at the University. They opened the doors to numerous opportunities, leading to where I am now in my coaching career. University debaters in Hong Kong need a more robust ecosystem to prosper. I would like this scholarship to create the momentum to consolidate the debating community within and outside CityU.

Mr Ryan Fung
College of Business
Founder of Alumni Giving Back Overseas Exchange Scholarship

I was really grateful to receive a student scholarship during my undergraduate studies, giving huge encouragement and significant support to my studies. My wish is that other CityU students can benefit from this newly established exchange scholarship to see the world, broaden their horizons, and equip themselves better for career and personal development.

Dr Joseph Kong
College of Business
Founder of Department of Information Systems Fortitude Awards

As an Information Systems (IS) alumnus myself, I wanted to recognise and support IS students who have made significant impact on the department and shown great potential to succeed in the future. I was very happy to meet the two award recipients Angel Leung (left) and Kennis Lai (right) to find out more about their stand-out achievements and aspirations in using technology to make a difference. I hope the awards will help extend the culture of excellence within the department and energise students to realise their dreams.

Ms Maggie Lam
School of Law
Founder of Academy of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Joint Mediation Limited (AGHMBAJM) Awards

I set up this scholarship with AGHMBAJM to recognise outstanding School of Law students, especially in mediation and arbitration, and provide them with the resources and opportunities to fully realise their potential.

In addition to donations, Maggie (standing left) actively connects up with alumni and professionals, particularly from the legal field, to encourage support for University development. One recent event was a lunch gathering (pictured) in April 2023.

Mr Melvin Leung
College of Business
Founder of Miku and Melvin Bursary

My wife Miku (third left) and I (second right) were delighted to establish our bursary to support CityU students in financial need. In February 2023, we had the opportunity to meet four award recipients from various disciplines. This proved an enjoyable and fruitful exchange where we were able to share our experience and philosophy of life. I am confident that the awardees will go on to achieve excellence in their pursuits.

Mr Derek Wu
College of Business
Honorary Manager of CityU Volleyball Team

I gained wonderful inspiration from my time at the CityU volleyball team during my studies. This later enabled me to build a successful and united team at my company. It was a great privilege to be made Honorary Manager of the University’s current volleyball team in November 2022. Giving back to my alma mater in this special capacity means a lot to me!

Award recipients

Mr Larry Lau
School of Law
Edwin Chow Constitutional Law Award

Receiving the award was a huge motivation. It showed that my attainments in my academic life have been noted and spurred me to pursue additional activities, such as working on behalf of the community and my forthcoming overseas study at the University of Oxford. I will be certain to make good use of the award.

Mr William Leung
College of Engineering
Gap Chung Scholarship

The scholarship has not only recognised my academic achievements but also encouraged me to participate in extracurricular activities and community service. I promise to make good use of the scholarship to live a fruitful University life and equip myself well for the challenges ahead.

Ms Celine Ong
School of Law
FANs Awards: Top Outstanding Student Leader Award

The FANs Award has boosted my faith, trust, and belief in myself. It has also inspired my passion to help people with my legal knowledge, especially in the area of family law. I will work harder so I can give back to my alma mater and assist students to achieve their goals in the future.

Mr Iu Ting Kwok Prize fosters legal professionals

The presentation ceremony for the Mr Iu Ting Kwok Prize for LLB and PCLL Students was organised by the Alumni Relations Office (ARO) on 28 October 2022. Law alumnus Mr Iu Ting-kwok, MH, Prize Founder (third right), and Dr Ron Kwok, ARO Director (centre), officiated at the ceremony for the five elite students who received the accolade in 2021-2022. The honour was established by Mr Iu in 2012-2013 to foster legal professionals with outstanding mediation knowledge and skills and boost the development of Hong Kong. Over the past 10 years, some 40 top students from School of Law received the award.

FANS awardees thank Dr Andrew Fan

Dr Andrew Fan, CityU Distinguished Alumnus and Court member; FANs Awards Founder (first row, centre); then President Professor Way Kuo (first row, second right), and other University representatives met up with recipients at a reception via Zoom on 25 November 2022. At the gathering, Dr Fan had an interactive exchange with some 30 awardees, who shared their thoughts on career development and expressed their appreciation of Dr Fan’s care and continuous support. The FANs Awards were launched in 2007 to nurture CityU future leaders, with the scheme celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2022. To date, more than 300 students have benefitted from the awards. "My intention was to provide timely encouragement and recognition to the students for their achievements, so that they can keep up with their efforts for further studies," Dr Fan said.

Promising awardees get-together with alumni leaders Mr James Wong and Ms Winnie Siu

Mr James Wong (third left) and Ms Winnie Siu (third right), who first established the Winnie and James Scholarships in 2018, held an awardee dinner on 29 March 2023, during which recipients from different disciplines were able to share their CityU experiences, and thank Mr Wong and Ms Siu for their support.

Boosting community service

Ms Yan Sin-ying and Mr Chester Lee received the Mainland Alumni Community Service Scholarships 2022 in recognition of their achievements and service to the University and the local community in promoting social inclusion. The awards were established by a group of mainland alumni in 2018 to enhance social inclusion through cultural exchange, serving ethnic minorities, and promoting peace.

Growing CityU’s giving culture

The Graduation Gift Campaign received warm responses from CityU’s fresh graduates including non-local alumni, which showcases the University’s giving culture. The initiative helped the campaign draw donations from over 700 alumni. ARO also collaborated with the School of Law to launch a 35th Anniversary Appeal to the School’s alumni. The appeal sought to attract donations for scholarships and prizes to encourage students in their studies through financial support and acknowledgement of their hard work. The Campaign also successfully solicited support for two new scholarships for School of Law students.