Global Horizons
Broadening togetherness

Gatherings beyond the boundaries amplified the CityU spirit and expanded networks over 2022-2023.

Strengthening alumni bonding beyond borders

Around 300 alumni attended the “Hi President – A Dialogue with the President” hybrid get-together on 18 June 2022, gaining insights into CityU’s latest developments from then President Professor Way Kuo and other CityU representatives. Those joining the gathering included Dr Andrew Fan, CityU Honorary Fellow and Distinguished Alumnus, Executive Committee (ExCo) members of CityU Eminence Society (ES), and alumni chapter members from Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The event was co-organised by the Shenzhen Alumni Chapter, ES and Alumni Relations Office (ARO), with support from the CityU Shenzhen Research Institute (CityU SRI). Participants attended in-person at CityU and CityU SRI or online. The Chapters’ leaders sang CityU anthem showcasing their passion for the University.

Alumni leaders support University strategic initiatives

A virtual launch ceremony for the University’s first nationwide HK Tech 300 Start-up Competition took place on 20 June 2022. The contest, supported by CityU alumni chapters in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Shenzhen together with CityU EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association and other alumni leaders, seeks to boost start-up endeavours in mainland China.

Anniversary forum in Beijing fosters youth innovation

To celebrate the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s 25th Anniversary, CityU Beijing Alumni Chapter co-organised the 《京港青年創新發展論壇》 on 30 July 2022, with HKU Beijing Centre, Hong Kong and Macao Youth Beijing Club, Beijing Youth Federation, and other Hong Kong alumni associations in Beijing. Government officials, academics, industry senior management and investors attended the event.

Shanghai and Shenzhen alumni leaders strengthen networks

A dinner gathering in Shanghai on 2 September 2022 brought together Dr Andrew Fan, Distinguished Alumnus, Mr Li Feng, Shanghai Alumni Chapter Chairman, Mr Zhou Zhongjun, Shenzhen Alumni Chapter Chairman, and other ExCo members to further communicate on alumni chapter’s affairs.

Sydney alumni celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

CityU alumni ambassador Ms Wendy Cheung (third left) organised a lunch with fellow alumni in Kogarah in Sydney, Australia, on 20 August 2022, providing an early celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Spring gathering in Chengdu

Fifteen members of the CityU Chengdu Alumni Chapter enjoyed a scenic mid-Spring outing to Longquan Mountain, Chengdu, on 11 March 2023. Those joining the expedition welcomed the opportunity to reminisce about memorable times at CityU. Dr Li Weidong (front right), Chairman of the Chapter, also provided updates on the chapter’s development.

Singapore festive reunion

CityU alumni ambassadors in Singapore co-hosted a Mid-Autumn Festival dinner on 24 September 2022, along with counterparts from fellow institutions. Around 200 alumni and friends from CityU and five other universities attended the highly enjoyable evening.

Keeping in touch in Kuala Lumpur

ARO organised a convivial meet-up for alumni residing in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, on 9 May 2023. ARO representatives, including Dr Ron Kwok, Director, and Ms Pheony Tsang, Associate Director, shared the latest University and alumni development at the gathering. The alumni enjoyed a cheerful meet-up and devoted themselves to strengthen the non-local alumni network in future.